Customized stackable and linkable systainer with easy to use T-Loc.

systainer® stackable mobile systems

We believe in making your job easier – and our unique modular equipment storage systems do just that.

Not just a case, but a system!

Since 1993, we’ve been manufacturing systainer® linkable case systems to provide comprehensive protection, organization, and transport for the tools and products of your trade.

But as a reliable partner to both industry and the skilled trades, we develop solutions that go beyond simply storing your equipment and materials. With systainer®, you get a complete system that offers cross-brand compatibility, mobile working solutions, vehicle integration, and much more.

Customize your system

Mix and match sizes, colors, inlays, and accessories to build the ultimate mobile tool storage system personalized to precisely fit your needs. Our customization is unmatched in the industry, making systainer® an ideal solution for branded applications.

Our unique approach to make your job easier

Our unique approach relies on cases built with comfort, mobility, accessibility, and security at their core. And each innovative feature expands upon this foundation to bring added flexibility, storage options, and ease of use.

Systematically reliable

systainer® stackable mobile systems are lightweight and built to last. Sturdy and stylish, you can count on them to simplify day-to-day work tasks and ensure that the tools and products you need are always at your fingertips.

Systainer³: The best-case scenario

Meet Systainer³, the third generation of our innovative tool storage systems. These are the features that will improve your workday.

Discover the world of systainer®

Transform your workday with tool and equipment storage solutions from the systainer® product catalog, or develop your own system customized for your products and branding.
Standard systainer case available in multiple sizes.

systainer® cases

A modular family of mobile toolboxes fit for any job. And we mean any job.
Systainer packaging, branding and inlay customization.

Custom cases

Order systainer® with the colors, artwork, and inserts you need to properly showcase your products and brand.
Systainer3 cart provides wheels for storage system.

systainer® accessories

Transform your workflow with accessories that provide added flexibility and organization, both in the workshop and on the go.
Standard and custom cut padding for systainer.

Inlays for systainer®

From a wide range of standardized inlays to custom-cut padding – our inserts help systainer® better support your tools and products.
Systainer services to uniqely design your systainer.

Services by systainer®

We will work with you to find the perfect systainer® system for you. From design to construction, we are at your service!

Your product, our packaging

Your product, our packaging

Showcase and protect your products with packaging custom-developed by systainer®. From perfect-fit inserts to corporate design, systainer® is the optimal packaging choice for products ranging from power tools to scientific instruments.


Your job made easier

Your job made easier

Securely pack, organize, and transport your tools and materials in a single compact system. Whether in the workshop or on the go, systainer® cases offer thoughtful features and state-of-the-art German construction that will transform your day-to-day workflow. 


Tool storage fit for any job

Skilled tradespeople, field technicians, medical personnel, and more! More than 1,000 brands across diverse industries use systainer®.