Van shelving as versatile and reliable as you need to be

Van shelving as versatile and reliable as you need to be

When working on the go, you have to be prepared for anything. bott Smartvan is the award winning, professional van storage system; keeping your tools safe, organized and accessible – ensuring you arrive at every job as prepared as the last.

Whether it be small components or bulky power tools, the modular bott Smartvan system comprises a wide range of accessories that can be combined and customized to create the ideal mobile storage solution for the tools of your trade. Lightweight and efficient; with bott Smartvan you’ll save time, cargo space, and fuel costs.


bott Smartvan shelving:
benefits at a glance

bott Smartvan shelving systems are designed for seamless compatibility with the standard fixing points in the make and model of your work van; no complex measuring, no wasted space – simply affix the brackets to the frame and bolt them for a perfect fit.  Also making it the ideal shelving solution for electric vans.

Intuitive features and an extensive range of accessories aid you with getting organized and staying organized. With bott Smartvan, all tools and supplies are stored visibly, securely, and accessibly.

A modular van shelving system that can adjust and evolve with your business, bott Smartvan can be rearranged and expanded to meet the demands of the moment - temporarily remove components to create more cargo space, add on new accessories, or adjust the setup to better suit your workflow.

Make every inch count, with bott Smartvan. Vehicle-specific designs, integrated lashing rails, and innovative storage features all combine to maximize space in your vehicle.

The sleek steel frames of bott Smartvan shelving aren’t just eye-catching; they’re also lighter than plywood and have an excellent loading capacity to boot. 

Van storage fit for any job: professions we serve

Van shelving specifically designed for painters.

Painters and Decorators

The optimal van shelving for painters provides security to avoid spills and visibility to maintain an overview of inventory, whilst leaving space for transporting larger equipment, such as ladders and telescopic rollers.
Commercial van storage system for tradesmen.

HVAC and Plumbing

HVAC and plumbing specialists need van shelving that securely stores sensitive chemicals such as refrigerants, produces creates organization for small parts and tools, and leaves room to haul bulky items such as pipes and AC units.
Van shelving designed ideally for woodworkers.


From the safe and accessible storage of power tools, to solutions that keep screws and other fixings tidy, van shelving for woodworking professionals should ensure everything you need is always within reach.
Storage system holding cables is ideal for electriains.


Attention to detail is a must for electrical workers. Stay focused with van shelving that simplifies sorting, storing, and accessing a wide array of small parts such as fuses, wires, and cable reels.
Van shelving for construction workers from van to jobsite.


If you work in construction, you know maximizing the space in your work vehicle is essential to keep your workday going smoothly. You don’t have time to worry about lack of space in your van, or about your equipment rattling (and possibly getting damaged) when you’re on the move.

Start planning your tailored van shelving system

Start planning your tailored van shelving system

Explore the wide range of possibilities for bott Smartvan shelving in your work van. Simply choose the make and model of your vehicle, and our digital configurator will walk you through your options for a customizable shelving solution.


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