Flooring Options


Maximize Cargo Space with Raised Floor Deck Kits

Compatible with manufacturer's supplied floors as well as bott Smartvan floors, these raised decks have been developed to integrate with the shelving system. The raised floor is made from 1/2" durable and water resistant plywood and is completed with a cross-hatched, non-slip, durable gray surface and a vehicle- specific mounting kit, mounting directly between the side shelving frames. These raised floor systems are designed with an adjustable divider panel to provide extra structural support and have been load tested to 440 lbs for the smaller decks and 661 lbs for the large decks. This panel also creates underfloor cubbies to further organize materials under the deck. Height of deck: 14 3/4" Usable height beneath deck: 12 5/8"

Built to Fit Around Your Work Needs

All raised floor systems feature integrated mounts for bott loading straps all around the system, similarly to the shelving frames, to secure heavy and loose loads, both on top of and in front of the deck. An optional accessory vice can be added to the system to take the mobile workspace to the next level. This vice has a telescopic mount that also swivels to get the perfect angle every time. These floors are available in full and half decks, so you can customize the system to fit around the tools and materials you store and transport. The spacious center aisle is still wider than with any other shelving on the market, leaving plenty of space for materials and large tools to bring along to the job site.

If you already have bott Smartvan shelving and would like to purchase a deck kit separately, please call us at (765) 535 7540 or email info@systainersystems.com for a quote.